Practical information - House rules

Below you will find all the necessary practical information for your participation in the rally as well as the manual of the road book in a PDF file.


On Saturday, October 16, BEGELUX is organizing the motorized tour «Begelux rally 2021#2» accessible to all, for old-timers, collection cars and modern GTs.

This tour is absolutely not a sports event and only makes sense within a recreational context.

Our sole aim is to give fans of prestigious cars and collectors of vintage vehicles the opportunity to drive them in optimal safety conditions. We also want to put the industrial heritage that is represented by these vehicles in the spotlight. We wish to encourage contact between newcomers and the longer passionate while discovering our scenic, cultural and historical heritage.

The tour has been set up to such an extent that every participating vehicle, regardless of age and / or cc, can travel the mapped route in complete safety. We always stay on the public road taking into account the traffic regulations, the traffic as well as the local residents. The departure of the participants at the start and after the first stage will be spread out in order to hinder traffic as little as possible.


The «Begelux rally 2021#2» consists of a navigation tour of approximately 200 km, mapped out on the public road, in which the participants use a classic road book. We chose the most beautiful scenic routes for this. It is definitely not a speed race. The participants are requested to always observe the traffic regulations and to be extra careful within the built-up area and play areas.

The crew of the vehicles consists of two people, the driver and the co-pilot navigator.

If you wish to bring more than 2 persons in your vehicle, these must be booked as an extra, for insurance and catering. Children are also welcome. Please contact us and ask us for a quotation if you wish to enroll children under the age of 12. The normal rate applies to children over 12 years old. Please note, the number of participants for the VIP formula is limited.


Reception: You can register at the reception desk between 9 AM and 10 AM to confirm your presence.

Please have your vehicle papers and driver's license ready, as well as the data sheet and waiver document (if you didn’t already submit it). The organization will feel compelled to refuse participation if the necessary documents are missing.

You will also get your breakfast and the participants package with the necessary information and vouchers.

Departure : from 10 AM we let the first participants leave from the Open Source (Total) parking, route du Circuit 16, 4970 Francorchamps,

Stage-Stop: between 12 noon and 2 PM we expect all participants at the castle "Château d'Urspelt" Am Schlass, 9774 Urspelt (Luxembourg). You can enjoy your lunch there.

From 2:00 PM we let the first participants leave again.

Arrival : between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM, all participants are expected in Stavelot.


Navigation : the BEGELUX RALLY team has years of experience in drawing up sporty roadbooks. For this first edition of this event, you will be guided during this tour by means of the exclusive BEGELUX Rally roadbook. The intention is that you can follow the mapped route smoothly without modern means.

The use of GPS is not recommended in order not to spoil the fun. You can, however, be guided through the free Tripmeter app (available on Google play and Apple store).

In the event of traffic disruption on the mapped route, the organization will, if possible, provide the original route with a safe road diversion.

The participants are expected to provide themselves with sufficient fuel, oil and water for the tour. The possible filling stations and supply points are also mentioned in the road book.


Are allowed for the «Begelux rally 2021»: all old-timers after 1950, vintage collection cars and modern GT's, whether or not in a club context.

Are not allowed for the «Begelux rally 2021»: all vintage cars before 1950, motorcycles and sidecars, tricycles and other vehicles that are not mentioned in the allowed category.

If anydoubt, please contact the organizer at


Registration : you can register for the «Begelux Rally 2021#2» from June 25 to October 1, 2021 as long as the maximum number of participants is not reached.

If the registrations are full, you can register on a waiting list by sending a message to the organizer via email

Commitment : to participate, participants must complete and hand in the commitment form before the start. This can easily be obtained when registering via email or can be downloaded in advance via our site.  A scanned copy with signature can be sent to us by email.

Participation price : the price depends on the chosen formula and supplements.

VIP Formula

with gourmet lunch

VIP Catering only

for extra people *

Price per vehicle

2 people

Price per person

300 €

(before 15/07 : 270 €)

registration for 1 vehicle with a maximum of 2 passengers, for the tour and the races

- an exclusive road book

- two ID stickers for your vehicle

- a memorial plaque 'rallye souvenir'

- Reception with breakfast package (coffee, fruit juice, pastries) for 2 people

- a gourmet lunch (aperitif, starter, main course and dessert - without drinks) in the "Château d'Urspelt" castle for 2 people

- VIP parking at the different stages.

- reception with premium champagne, softs, local Begian beers and snacks.


breakfast package (coffee, fruit juice, pastries) for 1 person

- a gourmet lunch (aperitif, starter, main course and dessert - without drinks) in the "Château d'Urspelt" castle for 1 person

- the reception on arrival with premium champagne, local Belgian beers and snacks.

* can only be booked together with the VIP formula

Children are also welcome. Please contact us for a quotation if you wish to register childreb under the age of 12. The normal rate applies to children over 12 years old.

Payment options:

- Pay through our PayPal account with Visa / Mastercard / Maestro / Bancontact. Follow link when booking

- By bank transfer to our belgian account number IBAN BE20 0004 6203 6056 - communication: name + number plate.

Participation and commitment will only be completed when the organizer will received the full amount of the registration before October 1, 2021.

The names of participants will appear on the registration forms as well as on the list of participants. Departures on the day itself are scheduled according to the order of entry. The participants with a VIP formula will be the first to leave according to the order of registration. This is to guarantee enough time to eat the meal on the first leg. If you wish to leave together with one or more or in a group, please notify us by email at least 14 days before departure. We try to meet your demand.

The organization has the right to refuse participation without having to justify itself.


By the organizer: If the organizer is forced to cancel the event due to force majeure (government measures, natural disaster, etc.), the participants will be personally informed. The registrations will be transferred to the next scheduled date: June 18, 2022.

By the participant:

If canceled up to 14 days before departure, 100% of the total amount will be refunded by bank transfer.

In case of cancellation 14 days before departure, NO refunds can be claimed from the organizer. Registration is transferable.

The cancellation must be submitted in writing by e-mail or contact form (also after verbal notification). Your request will be processed within 24 hours.


Before departure, the participants are expected at the reception to register and for an administrative check.

Before we can hand over the participants package, the participants are requested to submit their documents to the organizer.

The following documents are requested:

- a valid driving license of the driver.

- the papers of the vehicle : registration certificate, valid insurance papers and valid inspection certificate,

- if not yet in the organiser's possession: the commitment form and waiver document.


The organizer provides 2 stickers per crew / vehicle, which must be visibly applied to the side windows before departure. The commemorative plaque will also be handed over at the same time but is not mandatory.


The organizer will take out liability insurance for the event. The policy covers the civil liability of the organizer and the participants for the entire duration of the event. You can obtain a copy on request if you wish.

The participant is solely responsible for material damage caused by his vehicle. In no way can the organization be held responsible for this.


By completing the commitment form, the participant confirms to agree to the internal regulations of the tour, relieving the organizing association and its members from all responsibility towards it and its property.

The participants hereby also agree to abide by the regulations and agree with the decisions taken by the organizer. All unforeseen circumstances that are not mentioned in the house rules will be handled by the organization and are final.

The organizer will not accept any claim due to the friendly nature of the tour.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the house rules and the program of the day if he feels forced due to circumstances.


Keep it courteous!

Any competitor who is about to be overtaken will provide the inhaler with sufficient space to do so safely as soon as the road permits.

Any unsafe or unfriendly behavior, such as deliberately obstructing the road for other road users and / or participants, will be punished by the organization by excluding further participation in the tour and future events.

Verbal and non-verbal rudeness towards the organizer, staff and other participants will not be tolerated.


When signing the commitment form, the participant declares to waive his / her rights to the photos and other visual material taken during the event in which he / she or his / her vehicle is featured. 

He hereby also authorizes the organizers of the Begelux Rally 2021 to freely use the images for promotional purposes.